“First World problems ~ why I love on-line shopping versus in-store”

“First World problems ~ why I love on-line shopping versus in-store”

This is how my purchase went two months ago for men’s underwear:

  1. On-Line research, high reviews, but not too expensive
  2. Decide on the brand and basic style
  3. Find a local brick-and-mortar store that what I found. (Kohl’s has it).
  4. Visit the local Kohl’s to narrow down my selection
  5. Spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME looking through the bins ~ because apparently the people who work in Kohl’s don’t like to keep the men’s underwear organized by style, fabric and size. It’s basically a free-for-all, just like trying to purchase clothes at places like ROSS and Nordstrom Rack, where the shoes are scattered all over the floor, and clothes are thrown on top of the clothes trees.
  6. Get fed up and make a desperation choice just so I can get out of the store.
  7. Get pressured to open a Kohl’s card, even after saying no, twice.
  8. Moment of weakness, “F* it, why not. I’ll save so much money it will be worth coming in here, right?”  Shocked look on the sales woman’s face. Totally worth it!


Well, the positive reviews on-line were on the mark! So this past weekend I went back to the same store to get a couple more packs, thinking it would be quick, since I know what I’m looking for.  The bins were just as mixed up and out of order as last time. But to make matters worse, the style I chose has been popular, because after 20 minutes of searching, I could only find two to choose from.


I’ve lost some weight recently, and needed a new belt. WOW, this mess is as bad as the men’s underwear! There is no logical way to search for a belt at Kohl’s. They aren’t in any order, other than separated by brand.

Your search will go between:

Search by size; sizes are all mixed up, so when you look at each belt that’s the size you like, you have a 7% chance of the belt hanging down in the mess being one you like.

Look at the belts hanging, find one you like, then look up at the size, you will have a 6% chance of the belt being the size you need, since that is the size they are low on.


Well, my patience was well used looking for 2 packs of underwear, so I was done shopping and needed to leave.


At home, wearing only a pair of new underwear and sandals, with a local microbrew freshly opened, I log on to Amazon.com, search men’s belts, choose color, decide on two, complete the transaction, and have a sip of my beer.

Kohl’s?  Not if I can help it.